SAP Copy Paste with Mouse Buttons

Seems like a very unusual topic for a UNIX oriented blog – especially as it will be on the Windows system πŸ™‚

For some unknown reason for me – some genius at SAP decided – that to copy a record/field from their SAP interface – you need to first press [CTRL]+[Y] keys and then [CTRL]+[C]. Do not ask me where is logic in that.


When you do (fortunately I do not) make many of these ‘copy/paste’ actions with SAP – it may become quite dull and irritating. Especially as the letter [Y] is one of the biggest distance from the [CTRL] key …

Needed Hardware

To use this copy paste with mouse buttons – you will of course need a mouse that has some other additional two buttons. Good suggestions are Logitech M705 (especially first generation) or Logitech M720 – for the record this is not a sponsored entry πŸ™‚


These mice also make a great UNIX mouse – UNIX Mouse Shootout – as described here.

Needed Software

After checking what is available and supported on all Windows versions I was fortunate to find the Mouse Manager written by Reality Ripple Software.


Its free to use and has no license at all – which means you can legally use it in professional/corporate environments. They also accept donations here if you liked it πŸ™‚

Installation or Copy Over

The Mouse Manager installer requires Windows Administrative Rights … so you will not be able to install it by yourself on a company laptop – and probably you should not to avoid being in conflict with some compliance and security rules you got there. But if you know what You are doing there is a way to overcome that.


Use other computer with Windows where you have Administrative Rights (or even Linux/FreeBSD with WINE) – like your personal computer for example – and install it there. Then copy these two files from Program Files directory and put them on your corporate laptop – even on your Desktop or Documents folders:

  • MouseManager.exe
  • MouseManager.pdb

Now just start the MouseManager.exe and you are ready to go.


Now we will just type the [CTRL]+[Y] and [CTRL]+[C] keys for the Button 5 and [CTRL]+[V] keys for the Button 4 on the Mouse.


Now you can copy/paste SAP records with mouse buttons πŸ™‚

Make sure you have selected this profile in the Windows System Tray area.



8 thoughts on “SAP Copy Paste with Mouse Buttons

  1. J Becker

    The letters [z] and [y] are swapped on the German keyboard layout. So I guess that’s the reason why this key combination is awkward.


    1. vermaden Post author

      Thanks for pointing this out – insightful.

      … but that does not change the thing that you need to type [CTRL]+[Y] everytime you want to copy something πŸ™‚


    1. vermaden Post author

      Yeah, the ‘Visual Mode’ … but this ‘tip/trick’ was created for person that does only know Windows and Notepad and Excel and when you would tell about vi/vim it could be even interpreted as custom pronouns :p


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