Valuable News – 2018/06/09

Windows NT and VMS – Rest of the Story.

BSD Magazine 2018/06 (106) Available.

TrueOS to Become Core Operating System and the graphical desktop with Lumina from iXsystems would now be called Trident.

Special Ports for GhostBSD Updated.

Modify ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen to Enable Sleep for FreeBSD.

New refactored TCP stack called Awesome Rack has landed in FreeBSD.

From 2 to 32 Ports – Ideal SATA/SAS Controllers for FreeBSD/Solaris/Linux.

Lessons Learned Working from Home.

FreeBSD added functionality and syntax to cron(1) to allow to run jobs at given interval in seconds.

PF and Networking Tutorial from BSDCan 2018.

In Other BSDs for 2018/06/09.



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