Valuable News – 2019/09/16

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. Whenever I stumble upon something worth mentioning on the Internet I just put it here.

Today the amount information that we get using various information streams is at massive overload. Thus one needs to focus only on what is important without the need to grep(1) the Internet everyday. Hence the idea of providing such information ‘bulk’ as I already do that grep(1).


Why and How We Use OpenBSD at VidiGuard.

Learning Spanning Tree Protocol with FreeBSD Bridges.

FreeBSD Adds NetGDB(4) to Remotely Debug Crashed Kernel.

Fira Code Font Update.

WireGuard on FreeBSD Quick Look – Testing VPN in Jail Network.

Setup Buildbot in FreeBSD Jails.

First Impressions – Vultr Bare Metal Server with Preinstalled FreeBSD 12.0.

OpenBSD Disables DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Firefox Package for CURRENT and Future Releases.;sid=20190911113856

OpenBSD Mail Smarthost Runbook.

Haiku Monthly Activity Report – 2019/08.

DragonFlyBSD Updates msdosfs Filesystem.

OPNsense 19.7.4 Released.

The openresolv 3.9.2 Imported to DragonFlyBSD.

BSD Now 315 – Recapping vBSDcon 2019.

GNOME 3.34 Released.

OmniOS Community Edition r151030s/r151028as/r151022dq Available.

FreeBSD bhyvearm64 Virtualization on ARM8.0-A.

In Other BSDs for 2019/09/14.

Using FreeBSD with Ports (2/2) – Tool Assisted Updating.

Your Infrastructure Should be Boring.

FreeBSD Adds Support for Intel Stratix 10 Platform.

Kerberized NFSv4 in Mixed Environment.

Unified HOSTS File with Base Extensions.

GhostBSD 19.09 Now Available.


Gigabyte R272-Z32 – 24x NVMe AMD EPYC 7002 Server is Home Run.


It’s Later than You Think.

I Quit Social Media for Year and Nothing Magical Happened.

Life is Short.


Turn off DoH (DNS over HTTPS) Firefox. Now.

HP Printers Try to Send Data Back to HP.

BLUF – Military Standard That Can Make Your Writing More Powerful.



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