Valuable News – 2018/11/17

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. Whenever I stumble upon something worth mentioning on the Internet I just put it here so someone else can

Today the amount information that we get using various information streams is at massive overload. Thus one needs to focus only on what is important without the need to grep(1) the Internet everyday. Hence the idea of providing such information ‘bulk’ as I already do that grep(1).


OmniOS Community Edition r151028b Available.

XigmaNAS Available.

OpenBSD Jumpstart Updated to Latest 6.4 Release.

FreeBSD Adds evdev Support to amd64/i386 Kernels.

OpenBSD/arm64 on QEMU with networking.

FreeBSD Adds amdsmn(4)/amdtemp(4) to Attach to AMD Ryzen 2 Hostbridges.

FreeNAS 11.2-RC2 Available.

BSD Now 272 – Detain the Bhyve.

FreeBSD News and Links Roundup – Edition 2018-46.

Assembly language on OpenBSD amd64 and arm64.

Getting Started with FreeBSD Presentation.

Click to access Getting-Started-FreeBSD-RMCWiC.pdf

Tuning FreeBSD for Routing and Firewalling Presentation.

Click to access 2018_AsiaBSDCon_Tuning_FreeBSD_for_routing_and_firewalling-Paper.pdf

Docubyte Guide to Computing.

MeetBSD 2018 – Michael W. Lucas – Why BSD?


Fujitsu Completes Prototype of ARM Processor That Will Power Excascale Supercomputer.
Fujitsu moves from SPARC to ARM architecture.

Inspur NF5486M5 Delivers 106 x 3.5″ Hard Drive System.

Researchers discover seven new Meltdown and Spectre attacks.


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