Valuable News – 2018/10/07

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. Whenever I stumble upon something worth mentioning on the Internet I just put it here so someone else can

Today the amount information that we get using various information streams is at massive overload. Thus one needs to focus only on what is important without the need to grep(1) the Internet everyday. Hence the idea of providing such information ‘bulk’ as I already do that grep(1).


Using Dummynet for Traffic Shaping on FreeBSD.

HardenedBSD 1100056.6 Released.

Cache Invalidation Bug in Linux Memory Management.

IBM is responsible for making \ the path separator instead of / in MS-DOS.

State of Memory Safety in Linux.

Haiku R1/Beta1 Released.

FreshRSS – free self-hostable aggregator.

Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.

Using very old ZFS filesystem can give you kernel panic on Linux.

OpenBSD vmd(8) now works out of the box on AMD Ryzen.

The origin of the name POSIX.

PostgreSQL Per-Table Autovacuum Tuning.

Sequence Caching: Oracle vs. PostgreSQL.

Polish BSD User Group.

OpenSSH 2.3-7.4 Mass Username Enumeration (CVE-2018-15473).

The POWER9 Desktop is Now Official!

If you were the Linus Torvalds of FreeBSD what would be the first thing you would change?

BSD Now 266 – File Type History.

OpenBSD on the Desktop: some thoughts.

Installing Gophernicus in OpenBSD.

FreeBSD finally updates GNOME port to 3.28 version.

FreeBSD – FCP-0101 – Deprecating Most 10/100 Ethernet Drivers.

In Other BSDs for 2018/10/06.

DTrace is coming to Windows. Already available on FreeBSD/macOs/Illumos. The only holdout is Linux.

Announcing pkgsrc-2018Q3 Release.

Migrating OmniOS VM from KVM to bhyve.

FreeBSD diskinfo -wS (synchronous writes) bandwidth limits on Optane devices.

First SmartOS snapshot with bhyve support as alternative hypervisor to QEMU/KVM.

FreeBSD amd64: make memset less slow with mov.


AMD 12-core (2970WX) and 24-core (2920X) Threadripper 2 CPUs on 29th October.

RISC-V Inches Toward The Center.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme / 6-core / 64 GB RAM / GTX 1050 Ti / under 4 pounds.

ARM Partners with Xilinx to Bring Cortex-M Processors to FPGAs.

iDRACula Vulnerability Impacts Millions of Legacy Dell EMC Servers.

Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Technology.
Wi-Fi 5 to identify devices that support 802.11ac technology.
Wi-Fi 4 to identify devices that support 802.11n technology

MicroZed Chronicles: XDF & Versal.

Intel Customized SoC for HP: Amber Lake-Y with On-Package LTE Modem.

High resolution photos of the motherboard that looks almost the same in Bloomberg.


Insufficient Sleep Associated with Risky Teen Behavior.

Annoying habits of highly effective people.

Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think.


World’s Oldest Torrent Still Alive After 15 Years.

After Seeing These 15 Maps You’ll Never Look At The World The Same.


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