Valuable News – 2018/09/02


In Other BSDs for 2018/08/25.

FreeBSD 12.0-ALPHA3 Available.

FreeBSD bsdinstall/zfsboot enables new UEFI+GELI support.

Setup unbound-adblock on OpenBSD.

New XigmaNAS Release based on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p2.

Mac-like FreeBSD Laptop.

Baldur’s Gate in 1080p on OpenBSD via GemRB.

My Backup Solution Leveraging OpenZFS/rsync/WOL/crontab.

Why I’m mostly not interest in exploring new fonts (on Unix).

Why ed(1) is not a good editor today.

Mozilla will disable legacy Firefox 52 ESR add-ons on 2018/09/05.

Linux Maintains Bugs – Real Reason ifconfig(8) on Linux is Deprecated in ip(8).

Remove Yarrow PRNG algorithm option in accordance with due notice given in random(4) on FreeBSD.

Insight into Future of TrueOS BSD and Project Trident.

Look Beyond the BSD Teacup – OmniOS Installation.

HardenedBSD 1100056.4 Released.

BSD vs Linux. (old but worth resurrecting)

Send packet of death to any Linux 4.x kernel and it will make CPU spin in infinite loop.

Raspberry Pi as Stratum-1 NTP Server.

Linux 4.18 on Intel Core 2 Duo makes CPU stall and complete system freeze.

Oracle Solaris 11.4 Released for General Availability.

FreeBSD: UEFI Bootloader stuck on BootCurrent/BootOrder/BootInfo on Asus Motherboards (and fix).

FreeBSD on 11″ MacBook Air 5.1 (mid-2012).

OpenBSD on 11″ MacBook Air 5.1 (mid-2012).

The Design and Implementation of the NetBSD (and FreeBSD) rc.d system.

OpenBSD Gaming Resource – What Games Are Available and Where to Get Them.

In 2005/05 FreeBSD team described TLBleed on SA and suggested to disable INTEL SMT.

BSD Now 260 – Hacking Tour of Europe.

BSD Now 261 – FreeBSDcon Flashback.

OpenBSD on the Microsoft Surface Go.

2FA with SSH on OpenBSD.

How does the process title works?

In Other BSDs for 2018/09/01.

New FreeBSD 12.0-ALPHA4 Snapshots Available.

CNCF Survey: Use of Cloud Native Technologies in Production Has Grown Over 200%.

The Mastodon Instance runs on OpenBSD 6.4-beta.

OpenBSD Workstation.

Badness Enumerated by Robots.

CoreDNS 1.2.2 Released.


SMT is Tagged on AMD CPUs thus not vulnerable like Intel CPUs.

Hyper Converged NAS with Silverstone CS01-HS and Silverstone SST-ST30SF PSU.

GlobalFoundries Stops All 7nm Development – Opts To Focus on Specialized Processes.

AMD 7nm CPUs/GPUs To Be Fabbed by TSMC as GlobalFoundries Stops 7mm Development.

Is Intel Hyper-Threading a Fundamental Security Risk?

Why the Future of Data Storage is (Still) Magnetic Tape.

UNITEX USB 3.0 connected LTO7 tape drive.

UNITEX USB 3.0 connected LTO8 tape drives.

Spectre and Meltdown in Hardware: Intel Clarifies Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake.

Performance Cost of Spectre/Meltdown/Foreshadow Mitigations on Linux 4.19.


Eating in 10-hour window can override disease-causing genetic defects, nurture health.

My life with 12 programmers in 2 rooms and one 21st century dream.

Tech Workers Say Poor Leadership Is Number One Cause for Burnout.

Procrastination: It’s pretty much all in the mind.


After 24 years Doom II final secret has been found!

3M Knew About the Dangers of PFOA and PFOS Decades Ago – Internal Documents Show.


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