Valuable News – 2021/03/01

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. Whenever I stumble upon something worth mentioning on the Internet I just put it here.

Today the amount information that we get using various information streams is at massive overload. Thus one needs to focus only on what is important without the need to grep(1) the Internet everyday. Hence the idea of providing such information ‘bulk’ as I already do that grep(1).


Stack Overflow 2020 Survey – Technology Developers Primary Operating Systems.

HardenedBSD Announces New Git Server.

New sysctlinfo for FreeBSD Available.

Introducing veb(4) on OpenBSD – New Virtual Ethernet Bridge.;sid=20210223111210

From Clean and Green Mockup to OpenBSD cwm(1) Desktop.

FreeBSD Implements Parallel Boot in rc.d(8) Subsystem.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek (FreeBSD Commiter) from FUDO Security. [Polish]

OPNsense 21.1.2 Released.

BSD Weekly – Issue 57.

TrueNAS 12.0-U2.1 Available.

How Often Should I Rotate My SSH Keys?

Nextcloud 21 Faster than Ever – Introducing Files High Performance Backend.

Tracing History of ARM and FreeBSD – Past/Present/Future.

Testing GhostBSD 13.0 – Short But Sweet.

OpenBSD Imports resolvd(8) to Handle Nameserver Configuration.;sid=20210225084959

Retrospective Look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Retrospective Look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard – Addendum.

Lite is Lightweight Text Editor Written in Lua.

BSD Now 391 – i386 Tear Shedding.

Follow Up About FreeBSD Jail Advantages.

FreeBSD: Install Prometheus/Node Exporter/Grafana.

FreeBSD/CentOS: Install Jenkins Behind Nginx Reverse Proxy with SSL.

Common Nginx Misconfigurations that Leave Your Web Server Open to Attack.

Ansible: Quick Start Guide for FreeBSD/CentOS/Ubuntu.

Potabi – Desktop/Mobile OS Combo Built on Top of FreeBSD.

Google Admits Kubernetes is So Complex it Had to Roll Autopilot Feature to Do it All for You.

SerenityOS – LibGUI – Wizard Framework.

In Other BSDs for 2021/02/27.

FreeBSD 13.0-BETA4 Now Available.

HardenedBSD 2021/01 Status Report.

GhostBSD Financial Report 2021/01.

Void Linux Switching Back to OpenSSL

Significant Rework of FreshBSD.


Building E-Ink Laptop with ThinkPad T480.

Framework Startup Designed Thin/Modular/Repairable 13 Inch Laptop.

Sabrent Rocket Q4 4TB NVMe M.2 SSD Review.

Compal Notebook with 3 Screens that Connect Wirelessly.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano – TinyMiniMicro Perspective.

Atom x6000E Embedded SBC with 3xGbE/2xSATA/6xUSB.


Giving Up Meat Won’t Have Much of Effect on Climate Change.

Vegetarian Diets Are Not Going to Save Planet.

USA Plans Major Expansion of Facial Recognition Authority at Airports.


Heat Home by Mining Crypto and Cut Electricity Bill in Half.

Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection.

Introducing State Partitioning for Firefox.

Firefox Replaces Google Analytics with Fake in Strict Tracking Protection.

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