Valuable News – 2020/08/10

The Valuable News weekly series is dedicated to provide summary about news, articles and other interesting stuff mostly but not always related to the UNIX or BSD systems. Whenever I stumble upon something worth mentioning on the Internet I just put it here.

Today the amount information that we get using various information streams is at massive overload. Thus one needs to focus only on what is important without the need to grep(1) the Internet everyday. Hence the idea of providing such information ‘bulk’ as I already do that grep(1).


FreeBSD Screen Capture Software.

GhostBSD Telegram.

FreeBSD Virtual Data Centre with Potluck – DevOps and Infrastructure as Code – Part I.

FreeBSD Virtual Data Centre with Potluck – DevOps and Infrastructure as Code – Part II.

FreeBSD Virtual Data Centre with Potluck – DevOps and Infrastructure as Code – Part III.

GNU GDB Debugger and NetBSD – Part 3.

GSoC Reports – Enhancing Syzkaller Support for NetBSD – Part 2.

GSoC Reports – Fuzzing Rumpkernel Syscalls on NetBSD – Part 2.

BSD Router Project 1.97 Released.

FreeBSD Foundation Q2 2020 Status Update.

LibreOffice 7.0 Announced.

Hardware Support in FreeBSD is Not So Bad – Over 90% of Popular Hardware is Supported.

Upgrade FreeNAS to TrueNAS.

Another Terminal Based Graphical Activity Monitor gotop Written in Go.

GSoC 2020 2nd Evaluation Report – Curses Library Automated Testing on NetBSD.

NetBSD on NanoPi NEO2.

FreeBSD on NanoPi NEOLTS.

LLVM 10.0.0 Imported Into OpenBSD Current.;sid=20200806001449

USB Audio Devices on FreeBSD.

SHFM is File Manager Written in POSIX Shell.

Squid SSL Decryption with FreeBSD.

FreeBSD – Security Hardening Operating System.

Before You Move to GhostBSD! – 3 Tips.

Install Wireguard VPN Client in FreeBSD Jail.

In Other BSDs for 2020/08/08.

OpenBSD LiveCD/LiveDVD FuguIta Start.

GhostBSD 20.08.04 Available.


AMD Zen Laptops at 6W TDP – Dual Core for Education.

Whats Wrong with Intel – Former Principal Engineer Unloads.

Intel Suffers 20GB Data Breach – Documents Leaked to Internet.

Intel Leak – 20GB of Source Code/Internal Docs from Alleged Breach.

Intel/ARM/POWER/AMD Processors Vulnerable to New Side-Channel Attacks.

BSD Now 362 – 2.11-BSD Restoration.

AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G Review – Renoir Ushers in New Era for 7nm Desktop APUs.

Portable a-XP AMD Threadripper Workstation PC.

Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook.

AMD Ryzen Embedded DFI GHF51 SBC Review.


Physical Attractiveness Bias in Legal System.

Bill English – Computer Mouse Co-Creator Dies at 91.


UX of LEGO Interface Panels.

Latest Firefox Rolls out Enhanced Tracking Protection 2.0 – Blocking Redirect Trackers by Default.

Google Accidentally Enables Home Smart Speakers to Listen in to Everyday House Sounds.

IBM is Already Gutting Red Hat and Firing Employees Without Warning.

I am Open Sourcing Have I Been Pwned Code Base.

Interview with Vermaden.


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