Valuable News – 2018/08/04


Non-Cross-DSO CFI enabled HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT/arm64 image for Pine64 LTS.

FreeBSD UEFI Secure Boot.

KSH Shell Completions.

UNIX – The “Always On” OS.
UNIXยฎ: The โ€œAlways Onโ€ OS

Polish BSD User Group videos/talks from #1 and #2 meetings.

FreeBSD – Chelsio N320E 10G Ethernet. [FRENCH] [ENGLISH]

Chicken Bit as ‘G-2 Mitigation’ on OpenBSD.

Haiku OS Working On Updated Drivers From FreeBSD.

FreeBSD/i386 is now using LLD as bootstrap linker.

VIMAGE now enabled by default on FreeBSD 12-CURRENT/arm64.

First OpenWRT 18.06 release since merge with LEDE project.

FreeBSD Foundation 2018/07 Development Projects Update.

FreeNAS 11.2-BETA2 Available.

With security.jail.vmm_allowed its now possible to run bhyve(8) within FreeBSD jail(8).

ZFS File Server.

ZFS Performance.

Improved ZFS performance on high IOPS workload by 12% for 8k record size on FreeBSD.

Reflection on one year usage of OpenBSD.

The template user with PAM and login(1) on FreeBSD.

In Other BSDs for 2018/08/04.

FEMP stack on Amazon EC2.

OpenBSD on an Apple iBook G4.


Future of VIA x86 Processors.

Rise of the Centaur.

India first RISC-V based Chip is here.

DJ rig with two Amiga 1200.

Apollo is Amiga Classic accelerator board code compatible Motorola M68K processor but is 3-4 times faster than fastest 68060.

Xfce 4.14 development and migration to Gtk3 is progressing well.


Melatonin – Much More Than You Wanted To Know.


ReactOS is now able to boot from BTRFS.

Evolving the Firefox Brand.

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