Valuable News – 2018/07/27


In Other BSDs for 2018/07/21.

NetBSD 8.0 Released.

Changes to NetBSD release support policy.

ZFS Zpool Checkpoints.

Hidden Gems of XTERM.

Less Known Solaris XTerm Features.

Extend FreeBSD loader(8) geli support to all architectures and all disk-like devices.

Scripts to create HardenedBSD ISO and KVM image for SmartOS and Triton.

Antergos Linux allows root (/) on ZFS install from installer but /boot remains EXT4.

Slackware Linux hit 25 years recently.

Configure FreeBSD Jails with vnet (VIMAGE) and ZFS.

FreeBSD on ARM64.

ZFS for Linux.

Colored cal(1) output colored with grep(1).

Solaris had/have 11 years old privilege escalation bug.

OPNsense 18.1.13 Released.

Tribblix m20.5 (ami-7cf2181b) and LX-enabled OmniTribblix m20.5 (ami-90fb11f7) available in the AWS London (eu-west-2) region.

Because Computers | BSD Now 2^8.

ZFS Private Beta on Citus Cloud.

Oracle Solaris 11.4 beta progress from 32bit to 64bit.

DragonFly BSD will implement new rc(8) mechanism to run scripts only once.

OmniOSce r151026 gets automatic boot-environment naming.

Expose SmartOS metadata to CFEngine.

Sysadmin Guide to Ansible – How to Simplify Tasks.

More mitigations against speculative execution vulnerabilities from OpenBSD team.;sid=20180724072257

FreeBSD images now available for GCE (Google Cloud Engine).

DTrace on Linux Update.

NetBSD on the PineBook.

FreeBSD kernel module loading mechanism imported into Illumos.

PBOY – small CLI tool to rename PDF files with useless names based on the suggestions found in file content and metadata.


AMD 2018 Q2 Results – Best Quarter In 7 Years.

Why Intel will never let owners control the ME.

Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images.

Intel x86 Considered Harmful by Joanna Rutkowska.

Click to access x86_harmful.pdf

Backblaze 2018 Q2 Hard Drive Stats.


When We Eat or Dont Eat May Be Critical for Health.

While We Sleep Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey.


My favorite apps on F-Droid.

Why I will never use Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Exposing more of ICU to PostgreSQL.



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