Valuable News – 2018/07/20

Minio has been ported to IBM POWER architecture.

Extend loader(8) geli(8) support to all architectures and all disk-like devices on FreeBSD thanks to Microchip.

Tribblix 0m20.5 Prerelease.

The v9os is server-only IPS-based minimal SPARC Illumos distribution.

Rust implementation of em(4) Intel e1000 NIC driver up and running rem0.

Effect of Sleep on Happiness – Complete Analysis.

Setup FreeNAS 11.1 with Active Directory on Windows Server 2016.

SoloBSD 11.2-STABLE-0715 based on latest HardenedBSD 1100056 Released.

Minimalistic SSH server TinySSH implements only subset of SSHv2 features.

FreeNAS 11.2-BETA1 Available.

NomadBSD now tracked on DistroWatch.

Oracle Solaris 11.4 Open Beta Refresh 2 Available.

Future of SPARC and Solaris is Cloudy.

OPNsense 18.1.12 Available.

FreeBSD now allows to run ntpd(8) as non-root user with ntpd uid/gid.

FreeNAS Hardware Recommendations Guide. threatened by Wayland decided to expand its market by opening a shopping centre.

Configure OpenBGPD to announce VMs virtual networks.

NetBSD 8.0 ISO Available.



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