Valuable News – 2018/05/25

FreeBSD Presentations and Papers.

Annotated Look at NetBSD Pinebook Startup.

XFCE on NetBSD Pinebook.

CIA Made Magic: The Gathering Like Card Game.

Create FreeNAS Jails with IOCAGE.

New NAS4Free Release Available.

OpenBSD Jumpstart – Learn to tame OpenBSD quickly.

Nana C++ Library 1.6.0 Now Available for FreeBSD.

New Linux EXT4 Bug – out-of-bounds memcpy via non-inline xattr.

The sha256crypt/sha512crypt from Linux are Dangerous.

Simple Desktop for OpenBSD 6.3.

Installing OpenBSD 6.3 on Your Laptop is Really Hard (not).

ThinkPad Slice 27 ++ Battery Review.

GhostBSD Ports Has Been Updated.

FuguIta – OpenBSD Live System.

Get 30% Off with ILUVMICHAEL Code for Absolute FreeBSD 3rd Edition Book.
This will lower the price to $33.57 for ebook edition.

Legacy Windows DeltaCopy to Rsync Backup to FreeNAS.

Android Devices with Preinstalled Malware from AVAST.

In Other BSDs for 2018/05/26



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