Valuable News – 2018/04/03

IBM released new free font named IBM Plex.

Difference between Little Endian and Big Endian in one simple picture.

From 2010 Apple plans to use its own chips in Macs instead of Intel. Seems that iOS will be merged with Mac OS X (macOS) into one single system to run on custom ARM64 chips from Apple.

Install X11 and Desktop Environment on OmniOSce/Illumos system.

OpenBSD 6.3 has need released.

The gron utility makes JSON files greppable.

The gron is not yet in the FreeBSD Ports but FreeBSD binary is available for download.

The end of Windows has finally happened, its just not what You expected.

The new part of the series – History of the AmigaPart 12: Red vs. Blue has been published.

Earlier parts of the History of the Amiga series are available here:

The zrepl – ZFS replication tool – has new 0.3 version.

… and last but not least, the page seeks for new maintainer as the current owner is not really active in the FreeBSD community anymore.



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