Valuable News – 2018/03/16

Its not a secret that I value the articles like In Other BSDs and Lazy Reading series for providing great summary about weekly BSD news and other interesting stuff not always related to the BSD systems.

So I decided that I will also post valuable and interesting news that I found on the Internet once in a while. Here are my types for this ‘release’.

There is new FreeBSD variant on the block, welcome NomadBSD! Its project site is available on GitHub and its basically a live USB pendrive image intended for desktop usage.

In 1992 there was USL versus BSDi lawsuit about over intellectual property related to the Unix operating system, which was of course settled out of court in 1994 after the judge expressed doubt in the validity of USL’s intellectual property. Now | Linux beats legal threat from one of its own developers with one of the long term Linux kernel developers goes about various companies using Linux and made about $2 million in the process already.

Derek Sivers made a review list Books I’ve read about interesting books he read.

Not so recently FreeBSD’s Bhyve was ported to Illumos, now You can run OmniOSce as Bhyve guest on Illumos.

If You are a sentiment AMIGA person, there is nice article about Amiga Consciousness.



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